Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  I thought I would take a minute to explain what you’ll find around here.  If you haven’t taken a minute to read my About Me page, I recommend jumping over there for a quick visit as well.

Why I’m blogging

In today’s world, which is pretty much saturated with travel blogs, I find myself not really able to find many posts that speak to me.  If you want to find the top 5 touristy sites to see in Paris, there are lots of lists out there already.

I like finding experiences a bit off the beaten path, but not looking for a lot of luxury (with a few exceptions).  To this end, I decided to start sharing my travel stories and experiences in the hope that someone else would find something useful in it.

What you’ll find

Like I said, these are not going to be typical lists or itineraries.  I’ll be sharing what I get up to, what considerations I’ve made, and some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I enjoy seeing the local side of cities, so the less tourists the better.  That’s not to say I’ll never go somewhere touristy, but I tend to avoid them (It took me about half a dozen trips to Paris to finally see the Louvre).

I’m also going to share how I travel; I have gotten into the “points game” as well as focusing on sustainable tourism.  I try to apply this to my whole life (which can be hard at times), and I’m sure I’ll stumble a bit, but such is life.

And every now and then I might end up sharing something not completely in the travel space; if it’s near and dear to me, it might find a place on here somewhere.  Some posts may also include projects or events that some awesome people I know are involved in.


What you won’t find

Basically, you won’t find anything that’s not me.  Which is hard to define since people are pretty complex.  But, I won’t be sharing things I don’t believe in, including products or places to stay.  I’m going to try to keep it real, sharing the good with the bad.  I know a lot of content these days tries to focus on the positive, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide some real information, not the rose-coloured glasses version.

You also won’t see a lot of places that exploit animals or people.  I do my best to research companies, experiences, restaurants, tours, you name it, and only participate if I feel that the experience is a good one.  That’s not to say I have a 100% success rate, I’ve ended up in some places that make me feel very uncomfortable, but I try to avoid them if possible.

You also won’t see a lot of pretty, flowy dresses, wardrobe changes, and crazy posed photos.  Firstly, I’m really not that fashion forward; put me in some comfy clothes and I’m good to go.  I’m not saying I won’t pose for a photo, but I don’t spend hours setting up my breakfast for the perfect shot while it gets cold… I’m too hungry for that! 😉  And impatient…I think the longest I’ve ever spent trying to take a photo is 10 minutes.

Comments welcome

I encourage you to ask questions, post your opinions, even disagree if you have a different view point.  I’m happy to share any knowledge I have (limited as it may be at times) and also appreciate criticism (as long as it’s constructive) in order to help me improve.  I really enjoy connecting with people all over the world.  Some of my best friends I’ve made through virtual connections.

Pull up a chair…

So, with that, I invite you to explore this site, read about my adventures, and also to check out my social media.  I’ll warn you in advance that I’m most active on Instagram (currently half way thought my personal challenge to post something every day for a year), but I’m trying to get better at the others.

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  1. Jenn – Congratulations on the site! Looking forward to continue traveling vicariously through you….and maybe figuring out how to go to some of these awesome places myself.

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